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May 16 International Day of Story Telling  

JHGC and Apartheid Museum partnered for May 16 International Day of Story Telling.  
The International day of story telling is an initiative of The Museum of the Person.

The international network of life stories in Brazil, Portugal, USA and Canada and the Centre for Digital Storytelling (USA).
It was initiated in South Africa by Symphonia.
The goal and mission of the campaign is to gain broad recognition of May 16 as an annual day for sharing, listening and gathering personal life stories, which will be valued by society.

24 participants, included Holocaust survivors, Apartheid victims as well as people from all walks of life who came together to share their stories.

The age-old tradition of story-telling in a circle was used. Each circle was made up of a facilitator and up to 7 participants who were given the following topic, ‘ In no more than 10 minutes please share an event that changed your life and the consequent life lessons you could pass on to others.’

An extraordinary morning was shared by all. One participant commented that the morning itself was a life-changing event!

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