Finding Aid

The South African Holocaust & Genocide Foundation Archive contains documentation, publications, photographs, correspondence and ephemera related to World War I & II, the Holocaust, Jewish life in Europe before the War, Nazism, and the aftermath of the Holocaust.

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The SAHGF Archive contains records related to the following subject matters:

  • World War I
  • Jewish life in Europe before the war
  • The rise of Nazism
  • Nazi policies & practices
  • Flight of persecuted groups from Nazi-occupied Europe and refugee communities in Southern Africa
  • World War II
  • Ghettos, Concentration Camps, Labour Camps & Killing Centres
  • Deportations
  • The Holocaust
  • Life in hiding during the Holocaust
  • Righteous among the Nations
  • The liberation of labour & concentration camps
  • The fate of Prisoners of war
  • Survivor Lists
  • Displaced Person Camps
  • Survivor Testimony (Film, audio & written)
  • Survivor & Victim reparation and compensation
  • South African Jewish community’s contribution to the War