Project Description

SA5 – Absolute Insanity

Motivational paragraph:

During my visit to the Holocaust and Genocide Centre, a few aspects truly captured my attention.

These aspects inspired my poem, Absolute Insanity. I truly learnt that judgement leads tocondemnation and that the horrors of the past must never occur again and that by learning about it, this in itself creates large prevention. I had my thought process of what I wanted my poem to showcase from the beginning {this touching on the past and how it needs to be learnt from). I also researched other creative responses varying from poetry to artwork and most responses had a similar thought process to mine. My research also focused on the language used in my poem as I wanted to find the best words to represent my points and th is has greatly influenced my knowledge.

I believe my thought process and structure of my poem to be powerful, by creating emphasis on words I believe to be incredibly vital and thought provoking.

Project Details


August 29, 2020


Senior Writing