Project Description


My artwork is of an elderly couple leaving The old town of Rhodes. This couple walk through the beautiful Liberty gate and into the sea. The reason for this was to represent what this couple went through during the war. Water has been used to communicate the sacred value of life, the spiritual dimension of purification, protection and healing. Suffering from the atrocities of the Holocaust is manifest in the idea that this old couple might have been just children going into the war. They had to grow up fast. They no longer had the mentality of children. By the time the war had ended they couldn’t revisit the streets their friends and family had once roamed on. They matured mentally and had seen such horrors that their innocence of being children had vanished forever. Yet there is a certain celebration of this painting. I hear this couple shout that they survived. They survived the Holocaust and are looking over the people of Rhodes.

Project Details


August 25, 2020


Senior Art