Project Description



42 cm X 59.4 cm

What I decided for my artwork was to draw a bird flying. The main reason why I choose to do this type of artwork is because in my opinion I love to draw birds and it’s something I’ve used to drawing and to get the hang of it. The media that are used in this artwork was pencil, charcoal, food colouring with water and pencil crayons. I liked how I mix the water and food colouring almost creating a water based paint and experiment with it. What I thought was a most tricky part of this artwork was drawing the wings of the bird and I think I should work a bit more on that so that I will be able to perfect it. But all in all this was a project I did enjoy but very stressful most of the time and I feel so more relaxed whenever I draw or sketch Birds. When it comes to working with charcoal I can’t find it very frustrating on how it gets very messy to work with and I’d rather prefer a 4B pencil when it comes to drawing. I just think I can improve a bit more in my artwork which I know I will.

Project Details


August 26, 2020


Senior Art