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59 cm x 39.5 cm

This Artwork speaks of the Horrendous Injustices that the Nazis Inflicted on mainly the Jewish and other individuals.

Aktion: (German) meaning the mass deportation and murder of Jews by the Nazis during the Holocaust.

The art piece was done on canvas with multimedia, including wall filler, fabric, beads, plastic hair, wax, hot glue, ink, acrylic, salt, tin foil, feathers, earrings, bracelets, clips etc.

The red ‘flames’ shoot across the canvas and engulf two drawn angels(symbolic of the prosecuted individuals). There are many many symbols, almost too many for me to even realise, but the main ones that I have interpreted are the wings are a sign of innocence and hope, sickly green colour is symbolic of the poisonous gas used to exterminate victims, the black haze surrounding the angels is symbolic of the suffocating and inhibiting feeling fear gives, the disproportionate angels symbolise the way the Nazis treated these people as inhuman, the red flames are symbolic of the fire that was used to burn these poor people; the plastic, wax, hot glue are symbolic of the unnatural, inhuman, effectiveness that the German government (at the time)designed such a powerful and efficient killing machine.

There are many ways to interpret this and I give freedom to those who see this to feel anger, hate, interest, fear, anything etc and to talk about it, but the initial feeling that I made this artwork with was of horror.

I imbued this work with fear, disgust and sadness, that I have held for a long time for all and any people that have suffered against any form of oppression and abuse.

This was an incredibly hard piece for me to do as channelling all the anger, fear and disgust in me for the duration of the artwork was incredibly fatiguing, and enlightening experience, as I still can’t even begin to imagine the suffering that these people experienced. I love this Art Form. Thank You.

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Aug 26, 2020


Senior Art