Project Description



121.6 cm x 50 cm

My artwork is symbolic of the memory of Sophiatown, a town that represented a diverse and vibrant culture found within the Apartheid system. The bright colours of my artwork are attributed to the nature of Sophiatown as well as the bright and vivacious colours used by the Post-Impressionist and Fauvist artists. It is inspired by South African artists such as Gerald Sekoto and Willie Bester. The subject matter showcased throughout my artwork is accredited to the memory and spirit of Sophiatown, such as the night life in the shebeens , the indigenous jazz music, the Kofifi style as well as the fashion and the spirited dancing. The words : “ We Won’t Move” drawn in the centre of my artwork was inspired by a photograph taken in Sophiatown with these words graffitied across a wall, in opposition to the systemic policies of apartheid. Thus symbolizing their efforts to vigorously resist the Apartheid legislation by echoing their defiance.

Project Details


August 26, 2020


Senior Art