Holocaust Survivor Testimony - Henia Bryer
Holocaust Survivor Testimony - Henia Bryer
Henia Bryer
Survivor Testimony: Henia Bryer

Henia Bryer was born in Poland in 1925, and was educated at a local Jewish day school. In 1941, Henia and her family were moved into the Radom Ghetto. She was later deported to Plaszow from where she was moved to Majdanek, then Auschwitz. She survived the Death March to Bergen-Belsen and was liberated from there in April 1945. She lived in France and Israel after the War before coming to Bloemfontein with her South African husband in 1952. Henia has two sons, both living in Cape Town, and four grandchildren.

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  • Debra Rosenfield

    Your story echoes that of Malta Klein, who was the mother of my best friend in high school. Malka was apparently at the same concentration camps as you, and possibly at the same time, She was originally from Czechoslovakia and about 14 when she was forced into the first camp. She, too, went to Israel but not before being turned away by the British and sent to Cypress for a year or two. Her husband was killed while they were in Tel Aviv, after she had her first daughter, Tammy, my friend. A few years later she met an American and moved to the US, which is when I met the family. I was wondering if you knew Malks, She made a dvd of her experiences fit the Shoah Foundation. She, too, never had the numbers removed from her arm and rarely talked about what was done to her and her family. But, she, too, would wake up with nightmares for the rest of her life.

    July 5, 2021
  • S M

    A most remarkable human being like ALL of the survivors.

    November 5, 2021
  • The documentary was so amazing and yet so hard to listen to stories of such horror. I’m so happy you made it out alive. I’m happy you have a family and that you shared your story.

    December 26, 2021

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