Project Description


The artwork that I have made was completed using charcoal and graphite pencil, dimensions being width: 66.23 cm x height: 46.28 cm. The reason I have used these two media is because they go well together, the pencil capturing the importance and the details of the posters and the charcoal giving a rough background of the four boys. The detail of the posters is highlighted as it is the main part that I focused on as that is what was being used to brainwash the young German boys to hate Jews and to join the Nazis. I have chosen this picture to draw as I feel as there is great emotion and strong opposite that I could express as in how innocent young boys are in the one medium and the posters that were used to brainwash the kids into believing the evil and cruel ways of the Nazis were in another medium.

Project Details


August 27, 2020


Senior Art