ella blumenthal
ella blumenthal
Ella Blumenthal
Survivor Testimony: Ella Blumenthal

Ella Blumenthal was born in Warsaw, Poland. She was moved into the Warsaw Ghetto in 1940, where she participated in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. She was deported to Majdanek in 1943, then to Auschwitz and later to Bergen-Belsen where she remained until liberation. After the War, she lived in Paris and Tel Aviv, before marrying a South African and moving to Johannesburg. She lives in Cape Town and has four children, eleven grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.

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  • Wendell Ernest

    Hello Ella, I listened to your interview on radio 702 and was totally inspired by your words of wisdom. I hope your story and interview gets the broadcasting and exposure it deserves. I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to listen and I look forward to learning more about your story. Keep well and God Bless

    January 28, 2022

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